Month: December 2015

Pseudo-Fallacies: I’m Not Racist, But Some of My Best Friends are Hitler

Recently, I have noticed that there are a variety of what might be called pseudo-fallacies that have steadily made ground in popular culture. One is expected to avoid these turns of phrase, or methods of reasoning, on the grounds that they are in some sense “illegal moves” in a debate or heated discussion. However, the three that I will look at today are not obviously fallacious despite being treated as such by many people. They are not formal fallacies, and not always informal fallacies either. These pseudo-fallacies are just unfashionable phrases that often get misused.



Up and Running Again!

Well, after a disastrous loss of content, badexplanations is up and running again! Please stay tuned for the arrival of more musings on the supernatural, the cryptozoological, the mystical and the conspiratorial.