Month: February 2016

Fazale Rana and the Hand Holding Twin: Facebook Squabble

Recently, Christians have been more than a little excited by the following CNN article titled Dying Twin Holds Sister’s Hand in Sonogram. Why would they be excited by this news story? For the obvious reason that it appears to show an act of compassion or support from one twin to the other.



Forgotten Falsifications pt 2: Extinction

Another looming intellectual development was about to shake the foundations of creationist theory even more strongly than the discovery of antipodean peoples. In 1665, Robert Hooke published his humble little book Micrographia, which is mostly a collection of descriptions of scientifically interesting objects under the microscope. In this book, a theory was proposed that would utterly change biology and theology alike. (more…)

Forgotten Falsifications pt 1: Antipodeans

In the 1st and 2nd century Greek and Roman geographers, such as Crates of Mallus, Pomponius Mela and Strabo described the world as a sphere divided into four quadrants, each with an island of dry land surrounded by ocean. At the poles were zones of uninhabitable frigidity and at the equator was an uninhabitable and unbreachable torrid zone. In between these there were two temperate zones, one northern and one southern. The hypothesis that humans may exist at the antipodes was discussed by ancient writers, such as Aristotle and Plato. This hypothesis was an unproblematic one for the early Greeks and Romans to put forward, given that there was no religious injunction or taboo against such a speculation, and it was in keeping with a notion of geographical balance that the Cratesian model suggested. But in any case, the hypothesis was believed to be an unprovable speculation, given that, as the theory said, the torrid zone was so hot that to breach it was an impossibility. The existence of antipodean peoples, then, was an acceptable, if purely speculative, hypothesis. It was an indulgence of the imagination, never to be certainly established.