Conspiracy Theories of the Presidential Candidates

With the presidential election looming, and with candidates ramping up their campaigns during the primaries, let’s take a look at some of the candidates’ more wonky beliefs.




clintonHillary Clinton: This wannabe nominee famously believes that there is a “vast right wing conspiracy” against herself and her husband. She notes that the conspiracy is slightly more out in the open these days in its activities that range from engaging in voter fraud to riling the media up with allegations of Bill’s sexual misadventures.

sandersBernie Sanders: In debates and interviews, Sanders alleges that Clinton is corrupt and in cahoots with Wall Street. Her policies reflect that she is wedded to big money. He says in a roundabout way that she will “represent the interests of the billionaire class”. Furthermore, his recent narrow loss to Clinton in Iowa has given his followers ammunition for a new conspiracy theory—that Hillary has rigged the ballot.




carsonBen Carson: With this candidate, there are almost too many odd views to choose from. He famously claimed that the pyramids of Egypt are not tombs, but ancient grain silos. He has been a vocal anti-evolutionist, claiming that the devil somehow influenced Darwin to produce such wickedness. But perhaps his claim that Planned Parenthood is a Nazi plot to control black population growth takes the cake.

christieChris Christie: This candidate has the ignoble honour of having been implicated in a bona fide conspiracy. In September 2013, two lanes of the George Washington bridge were shut down, causing traffic mayhem, apparently to punish a local mayor for his failure to support Christie’s bid for governer. An aide of Christie’s was prosecuted for conspiracy to commit fraud. Christie unconvincingly denies any involvement.

RubioMarco Rubio: Unlike Carson, Rubio alleges that Planned Parenthood is pressuring women into abortions not for population control, but for money. Following a series of evangelist exposé videos alleging to show Planned Parenthood selling fetus meat, Rubio claims that a “baby parts” industry has been created, and an incentive now exists to cull as many fetuses as possible.

bushJeb Bush: Seemingly the most sensible of the Republican nominees, Bush nevertheless has charged that fellow candidate Donald Trump has been planted in the pack by the Clinton family. The idea is that Trump will carve off a significant portion of the Republican base, before running Independent to halve the Republican vote, thereby gifting the election to the Democrats.

CruzTed Cruz: The winner of the Iowa caucus believes that global warming is an invention by “liberal politicians who want government power.” Nuff said.




trumpDonald Trump: Where to begin? Trump famously spearheaded the “birther” movement, alleging that Obama was born outside of the United States, and so was ineligible to be president. He has stated that New Jersey Muslims were dancing in the streets after 9/11 and that the San Bernadino terrorist shooting was the result of a community wide conspiracy. He has charged that the real U.S. unemployment rate has been suppressed. It is actually 20%, he says, not the 5% rate quoted by most official sources. And like Cruz, he thinks global warming is a “hoax“, but unlike Cruz, he attributes this to “scientists having a lot of fun“.




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