Month: May 2016

Divining for Guilt and Innocence

All religious cultures get involved with divination, at some point in their histories.The 1952 edition of the Schaff-Herzog Encyclopedia of Religious Knowledge defines “divination” as ‘the supposed art of discovering the will of the gods, of forecasting the future from indications ascribed to them, or of deciding from phenomena supposedly supernatural the correct course of action to be followed.’ (450) There is some object of the divination that acts as a sign. This object and its behaviour is taken to impart special knowledge to the practitioner of the divination.



Is Michelle Obama a Man?

Yesterday, conspiracist radio show host Alex Jones raised a theory that had hitherto only been percolating in the deep and dark recesses of internet conspiracy forums. Despite the recurrent lunacy of Jones’ rants, he has a large following in the United States, especially among the so-called “patriot” movement and survivalists. It will be interesting to see what effect Jones’ words will have on public opinion.