Is Michelle Obama a Man?

Yesterday, conspiracist radio show host Alex Jones raised a theory that had hitherto only been percolating in the deep and dark recesses of internet conspiracy forums. Despite the recurrent lunacy of Jones’ rants, he has a large following in the United States, especially among the so-called “patriot” movement and survivalists. It will be interesting to see what effect Jones’ words will have on public opinion.

The theory that Jones has brought into the spotlight is that Michelle Obama, Barack’s wife and mother of their two children, was actually born a man. The theory goes that Michael LaVaughn Obama née Robinson is a pre-op male to female, that Barack Obama is homosexual and that the ongoing “bathroom battles” are directly due to political pressure from the president and his first gentleman lady. These rumours were fueled by statements made by Joan Rivers shortly before her death, which even led some to believe that she was assassinated by the Obama administration for revealing the awful truth!

Internet conspiracy forum GodLikeProductions has been a hotbed of discussion of this conspiracy for years now. But having a heavyweight conspiracist like Alex Jones arrive on the scene has given extra fuel to the otherwise latent conspiracy. One forum member writes:

“There’s too much evidence at this point that Michelle IS a transgender.”

Too much evidence eh? Well, let’s delve into it then. Let’s sort through all this evidence. The forum’s members list some of the more obvious “pieces of evidence”. First and foremost, the members note that Michelle’s appearance is hyper-masculine and physically unattractive. One forum member writes colourfully:

“When I look at the bat faced sasquatch my Wang retracts like a turtle neck in the cold ocean. That dude ain’t a woman.”

I tend not to agree, but each to their own. However I feel, it is  nevertheless a sentiment widely shared. Indeed, this very same point was made in the following cartoon on Alex Jones’ Infowars website:



So, we have our first “piece of evidence”:


  1. Michelle Obama is masculine-looking and ugly.


But wait, there’s more! Other forum members note another puzzling fact:

“has anyone found any pics of Michelle Obama pregnant or even in the hospital after giving birth?”

“there are not many photos of the girls as babies and none of the newborns with the “parents””

“Have not seen any pics of Michelle when pregnant. I thought that was one of the flags making people suspicious.”


So, we have our second “piece of evidence”:


  1. No photos of pregnant Michelle or Michelle with her newborn babies.


If you are still desperate for the clincher, here it comes. The forum members again and again point to this photo:


And specifically, to this part of it:




And so we are led to our third and most important piece of evidence:


  1. A photo of Michelle Obama appears to show a bulge in her crotch.



Even for a fringe conspiracy theory, the theory that Michelle Obama is really a pre-op male-to-female transexual is very poorly supported. The strongest evidence that one can summon for the theory is actually an absence of evidence (i.e. the absence of photos of a pregnant Michelle). This is all well and good, but certainly not the most obvious or compelling missing puzzle piece one might expect given the what the theory predicts. Perhaps an absence of any primary school or high school records for anyone called ‘Michelle Robinson’ would raise an eyebrow or two, for example.
As it stands, I doubt the reader is convinced by the theory. But in any case, I’ll leave here a lovely little gif of Michelle Obama as a young girl. If she truly is transexual, she’s been presenting as female for a very long time:



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